Septic pumpers hear it all the time. “We’ve lived here 20 years and we’ve never pumped the septic tank.  Why should we do it now?” In the realm of household maintenance, certain tasks tend to get overlooked until they become urgent. One such task is the regular pumping of your... Read more
It’s important to keep your aerobic system working well, as many households in Oklahoma depend on it for wastewater management. Proper care ensures its longevity, potentially matching the lifespan of your home. Neglecting maintenance, including septic tank service, can lead to significant damage or other consequences. Should You Use Chlorine... Read more
Maintaining a working septic system is important for both residential and commercial properties. Without proper waste disposal, the health risks to occupants can significantly increase. Regular pumping, typically every three to five years, are essential for a well-running septic tank. When considering a septic system, the choice often boils down... Read more
If you’ve had a soil profile or perk test done in Oklahoma, you may have noticed the 7 types of septic system distribution methods shown under the system design.  We often get questions about what these mean or what types of septic systems are legal in Oklahoma.   Most of these... Read more
Many people forget to take care of their septic system until problems happen, but it’s important for it to work well. To ensure your system’s reliability, follow these five tips when selecting the best septic company. 1. Expertise Matters The complexity of a septic system demands an experienced septic installer.... Read more
Around 21 million households in the US rely on septic systems to manage household wastewater. To ensure your septic tanks remain fully functional and avoid expensive repairs, adopting routine maintenance practices is crucial. Here’s a straightforward guide outlining what you should and shouldn’t do for effective septic system maintenance: Septic... Read more
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Please be aware, this post is specific to Oklahoma regulations. If you are not in Oklahoma and have a concern about your septic system, start by contacting your local health department. People usually make their way here because they’ve bought a new house or installed a new system and they... Read more
Have you been told that your tank is building up sludge faster than expected? You may have received an inspection showing solids in your pump tank or high sludge or scum levels in your trash tank and you’re wondering why.  But, first, what is ‘normal’ and what raises a red... Read more
#1. How often should I pump my septic tank? We get a lot of questions about septic systems, like “How often should I pump my tank?” or, “Do I have to get an inspection? Where is my tank located?” and so many more. We know that it’s easy to have... Read more
When it comes to politics, I’m a staunch advocate for personal freedom, echoing sentiments akin to Ron Paul’s libertarian principles. In a nutshell, my philosophy is straightforward: live and let live. Love who you want, smoke what you want, own any gun you want, as long as I don’t have... Read more
Let’s kick off by delving into the realm of new installations. Some installers try to convince customers that aerobic maintenance plans are necessary for a new system. In Oklahoma, installers must provide maintenance for the first two years on all aerobic systems they install. This legal obligation is there to... Read more
So, you have your soil profile and it says you need 300′ of lateral lines. You’ve contacted many installers who charge $6000-$7000, but then you find someone on Craigslist who will do it for $5000. Jackpot! Or is it too good to be true? Before you hire just anyone, make sure your installer... Read more
You’ve seen the commercials advertising septic tank additives. RID-X is usually the first to come to mind. So what’s the deal, what are these products, and do they actually work? Or are you basically flushing money down the drain? What are septic tank additives? First let’s discuss how your septic... Read more
Sewer flies.  Drain flies.  Whatever you call them.  Yuck! We get calls once or twice a month about these little pests.  Are sewer flies coming from your septic tank? Yes, they can live in your septic tank but despite their name, they aren’t flying up your pipes from the sewer... Read more